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No Worries! He’s Already Dead.

Monday, September 6th, 2010

One might think this variation on a classic would be easier since the welfare of the “patient” isn’t an issue. But, the challenge lies in getting the internal organs out without damaging them (ie. touching the sides) to determine the cause of death. Morbid future-forensic scientists could really get a kick out of dissecting someone who’s kicked. They really missed the boat by not licensing the television show Quincy, M.E. but apparently it was tied up at the time with toys like this one. Found at Reif’s Hardware in Boyette, FL.

Bump(er) and Grind

Saturday, September 4th, 2010

We love pinball here at Evil Meatball Vs Cat! and rare machines are a special treat. Take this one for example, based on the 1974 West German sex romp originally titled “Ach jodel mir noch einen”. Don’t expect any kinky gameplay, it was basically a standard pinball table, but at the same time don’t expect to find it at your local Chuck E. Cheese’s either. This “R”-cade classic is owned by a collector in Herrin, IL.

The Ultimate Driving Game!

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

When this new hand held cartridge-programmable game system hit the market in 1989, they started licensing everything they could transform into a game, whether it made sense or not. This game, based on the 1989 Best Picture Oscar winner, is a perfect example. You could play as Morgan Freeman’s or Jessica Tandy’s character (pretty innovative at the time) and basically bore yourself to death. Not all great movies make great video games. This 8-bit oddity drove in from the Game Xchange in North Hodge, LA.

You’ve Got a Date with a Dalek!

Friday, August 20th, 2010

A lot of kids wanted to be a traveling companion of that famous Time Lord, but this board game tie-in combining educational and sci-fi themes aimed at young girls just didn’t fly back in 70’s. One of the oddities of its gameplay was that you could only “travel” to the past, and not the future. But then again, what other game allowed you to get a date with that ladies’ man of a founding father Benjamin Franklin? Finding one complete is tough, but even the “secret door” alone brings in the bucks at your typical toy show. This Gallifreyan delight comes to us from a private collector in Barrhead, Scotland.

Ignorance of the Law

Friday, June 4th, 2010

I think every school had a copy of this game back in the day. It was a great way to learn about all the varied archaic, wacky state laws that might trip you up while traveling. The object is keep your record clean while committing seemingly harmless tasks determined by randomly drawn cards. Do you go through with it, or not? Guess correctly and score points! Can you legally drive with that many people in a car in Wisconsin? Is that particular sexual act allowed in Georgia? Better be sure! This true classic comes to us from Kidz Kare Daycare in Mashpee, MA.

Candy Coated (uncoated version available)

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010


Now, this takes me back. This game was a great way to learn your 1,089 basic colors, giving preschoolers a jump start on college level graphic design. This set is nearly complete (missing only 176 cards) and is in great shape, as if it was almost never played.

Vintage Videogame (non)Violence

Thursday, January 28th, 2010


Here’s a hard-to-find, working copy of a 2600 game based on the classic movie Billy Jack, recently discovered at the Rutherford County Flea Market and Ammunition Expo. Even with its crude graphics (by today’s standards, of course) the virtues of defending passivism through the use of extreme violence are clear.