Evil Meatball Vs Cat!: The Scoop..

Did you ever wonder what would happen if movies and television shows with little licensing potential decided to “go for it” anyway? Or if toy developers didn’t necessarily pay close attention to the properties they licensed when creating toys? What abominations of memorabilia would result? Evil Meatball Vs Cat! is here to answer that question.

Evil Meatball Vs Cat! is the story of a vintage pop-culture addict with mad image editing skills and a twisted sense of humor. Nearly all the images on the site are of non-existent products created by the Meatball-in-Charge. But, try to suspend your disbelief when reading about them, it’s more fun that way.

While the main focus is fiction, sometimes fact exceeds even our weirdest dreams and nightmares. So, we occasionally feature real items that are often more bizarre than anything could ever concoct. If it’s tagged as “real”, then believe it!

We attend conventions, shows and visit cool places whenever possible. When we do, we like to share photos and stories, and to make new fans. We hope that YOU will become a fan of Evil Meatball Vs Cat!