Things You Can’t Un-Hear

You when something is just so ugly it’s kinda cute? Wishniks aren’t in that category. They’re just hideous, creepy little dolls that came in a variety of outfits. And, apparently, they managed to get a recording contract (from Satan himself, I can only imagine). If you look hard enough, you can find a digital copy of this abomination online, but be warned. It will haunt your dreams for all eternity. I have no doubt that if the Wishniks were still recording today, they would definitely cover Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair”.

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2 Responses to “Things You Can’t Un-Hear”

  1. Happenstance says:

    Hoping you’re well, Meatball.

  2. meatball says:

    Thanks Happenstance, we had to take a break but we’re coming back in January with some good stuff!