Style Trekkin’

When this motion picture based on the immortal TV series hit the theaters, it wasn’t the blockbuster they had hoped for (but it’s sequels were, for the most part). But, one element really clicked with fans, and that was Lt. Ilia, played by the late Persis Khambatta. Toy companies tried to make her into a fashion doll, and even went so far as creating this perplexing toy. Maybe it was for the hairstyling-challenged, who knows. At least it came with the Ilia probe’s nifty sensor crystal, even though they felt the need to give it a very 70’s name change. Discovered at the Lamden’s Hardware in Ludington, WI.

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4 Responses to “Style Trekkin’”

  1. Herb Finn says:

    This could only have been made by MEGO :)

  2. Occam's Tazer says:

    I remember reading Walter Koenig’s recollection of meeting Khambatta while she was in makeup for the role; he felt compelled to kiss her shaven head but wound up with a mouthful of pancake powder required to keep the shine off.

  3. rob! says:

    I think the crystal accessory was repurposed from unsold Isis merchandise.

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