‘Twas Mediocrity That Killed the Beast

You would think the poster for this very real 1976 joint Korean/American venture is sporting that silly disclaimer as a clever bit of advertising, the goal being to do just the opposite of what it says. In reality, it was actually the result of a lawsuit by RKO. They originally titled it “The New King Kong”, and were making no bones about wanting to cash in on the Dino De Laurentiis remake of the original. By the way, we encourage you to at least find and watch the trailer for this film so you can truly experience how horrible it is. It’s Grade-A Drive-In Fromage.

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5 Responses to “‘Twas Mediocrity That Killed the Beast”

  1. Gotham Knight says:

    See! Mediocrity ooze off the screen and turn your brain into jelly!

  2. Skott the skeptic says:

    I took your advice and watched the trailer…….and I will never forgive you. I pray that there is a hell so that, if for no other reason, you and anyone involved in the making of that cimematic suppository shall enter it. If you wish to attempt a desperate act of contrition, seek out Queen Kong on YT.

    Eat darts.

  3. Occam's Tazer says:

    HURF! HURF! Anybody recognize the leading lady? Joanna Kerns of “Growing Pains” and the original “V”–under the name “Joanna DeVarona!” And that’s Alex Nicol, star (“Mickey”) and director of “The Screaming Skull” as the racist jerk Colonel Davis!

    I doubt the trailer contains the gesture that made this trash famous (in spite of the fact that Rick Baker did it SO much better in “The Incredible Shrinking Woman”), but “A*P*E” is a turd that is a wonder to behold.

  4. rob! says:

    Too bad the movie supposedly is no good. The poster makes it look like The Greatest Movie Ever Made!

  5. After 20 years of working in print media, that disclaimer is totally neccesary and I’m willing to bet many people were fooled.

    You know it’s better than the Mighty Gorga?