Biohazard? More Like Bio-Licious!

Here’s a real item for which the manufacturer caught some serious flack. A Jurassic Park lunchbox? Innocent enough.. Until you see the Thermos! If they had made that biohazard label a little more cheesy and a little less ominous and realistic, maybe it would have had less chance of encouraging kids to dig around for snacks in the sharps container the next time they visit the clinic. For added effect, why not put your sandwiches in matching “specimen bags”? This piece is a part of the official Evil Meatball Vs Cat! collection.

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2 Responses to “Biohazard? More Like Bio-Licious!”

  1. Wings says:

    Awesome – I think it is pretty damn cool!

  2. Gotham Knight says:

    They should have gotten Sam Jackson to do a commercial for this.

    “Hold on to yer lunch.”