The Ultimate Driving Game!

When this new hand held cartridge-programmable game system hit the market in 1989, they started licensing everything they could transform into a game, whether it made sense or not. This game, based on the 1989 Best Picture Oscar winner, is a perfect example. You could play as Morgan Freeman’s or Jessica Tandy’s character (pretty innovative at the time) and basically bore yourself to death. Not all great movies make great video games. This 8-bit oddity drove in from the Game Xchange in North Hodge, LA.

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One Response to “The Ultimate Driving Game!”

  1. Gotham Knight says:

    Actually owned this. Thought it would be cool, and it was…if your definition of cool is driving 20 miles an hour, never getting out of the car and listening to Miss Daisy ramble on endlessly about the weather, and her dog, and what the neighbors were up to, etc…

    …give me a break! I was 12! I didn’t know better!