Cupcake Consumer, maybe?

If there’s anything that time truly does, it’s that it makes more and more simple words and phrases into sexual innuendos. Here’s a perfect example of an actual, published children’s book whose title went from innocent to indecent for no real reason other than the evolution of American slang over time. The same thing would have happened if it was the story of a dragon who was a carpet layer, and used adhesive carpet that had to licked on the back in order to stick. Ok, that’s a stretch, but you see my point. By the way, if you’re assuming this book is out of print, guess again! They did, however, change the title to “Muffin Dragon”.


One Response to “Cupcake Consumer, maybe?”

  1. Gotham Knight says:

    If it had the verse “Would you munch it on a bed, would you munch it if it’s red?” I would pay a lot of money to own one.