Give Shirley MacLaine Enough Rope..

This could easily be called “Did they even see the movie? Pt 3″. It looks like they saw the word “children” and assumed a jump rope would be appropriate. The end of this 1961 film (also starring Audrey Hepburn) would prove otherwise. Here’s a hint: If this toy were based on the play, it would be a gun. This rarity was discovered at Little Miss Muffet’s Consignments in Kermit, TX.

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3 Responses to “Give Shirley MacLaine Enough Rope..”

  1. Gotham Knight says:

    I can see the ad now: “Don’t play with dolls, that’s unnatural. Jump rope instead!”

  2. rob! says:

    There’s other kinds of toys that come to mind with The Children’s Hour, but that’s best left to the imagination for a family friendly blog like thls.

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