Spread Eagle

Safety scissors may reduce physical injury to our children, but who was in charge of preventing emotional injury when they came up with this!? Our beloved Wonder Woman spreading her legs like a harlot with every snip? It just ain’t right, I tells ya. This very real piece of superhero history, now a permanent part of the Evil Meatball Vs Cat! collection, was acquired from the Super Museum in Metropolis, IL.

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3 Responses to “Spread Eagle”

  1. Happenstance says:

    Yes, kids, grab Wonder Woman’s torso in your hands like King Kong! But don’t run with her! And when you need to use her, watch her arm break in two and her pelvis split all the way up to her sternum!

    …Whattaya mean, it’s “giving you issues?!?”

  2. rob! says:

    As disturbing as the whole scissor sisters thing is, I find Diana’s mashed-up, Muppet-like face even more unsettling.

  3. Gotham Knight says:

    …and I thought her scissor kicks were lethal before!