(Van) Patten Pending..

I’m almost certain this figure resulted from a failed licensing venture with “Eight is Enough” combined with leftover Robin Hood figures. Regardless, this may be the only Dick Van Patten action figure in existence. Too bad this Mel Brooks-penned TV series didn’t last, or we might have had a (very pre-Alias) Ron Rifkin figure as well! This excellent condition prototype in on loan from a private collector in Middletown, DE.

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2 Responses to “(Van) Patten Pending..”

  1. rob! says:

    Eight is Enough was one of those shows Mego seemed hair-brained enough to try and make a toy line from, like they did for Dukes of Hazzard, The Waltons, and Dallas.

  2. You could make a custom figure of the Abbot from [i]Robin Hood: Men in Tights[/i] out of this. Awesome!