No, It’s a Movie.. About Radio.. Ahh, Forget it.

I would hope the makers of this radio eventually figured out why it didn’t sell as well as they’d wished. I mean, it’s an FM radio based on the 1978 film “FM”, and all they did was put the movie logo on it. So, it didn’t really stand out from any other FM radio. If they wanted it to fly off the shelves, they should have slapped a picture of Martin Mull as the dreamy Eric Swan on it! This little caveman iPod was discovered at Uetter’s Consignments in Parkers Prairie, MN.

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2 Responses to “No, It’s a Movie.. About Radio.. Ahh, Forget it.”

  1. Sean D says:

    On the bright side…”No static at all.”

  2. Ah, tie-ins that require no work whatsoever. White Noise should have taken a lesson from these guys!