Metropolis 2010, Pt. 2 – Toy Weirdness

We continue with our spotty, biased coverage of the 2010 Superman Celebration! Since the SuperMuseum houses one of the largest collections of Superman memorabilia, naturally it also contains enough examples of toy weirdness to start another website. Here are a few examples:

Many manufacturers have produced toys of characters on wheeled vehicles that have no need whatsoever of wheeled vehicles, but this one is definitely the Cadillac of it’s genre. That’s one fancy bike, Supes!

According to this vintage Ben Cooper costume, Superman as a toddler was only able to break through rope. Later, he obviously graduated to chains, and posed for new publicity photos.

The SuperMuseum even has knock-off toys in its collection. This particularly pathetic attempt to replicate the Man of Steel not only features some horrid package art, it also includes a handgun as an accessory. Brilliant. Perhaps it’s for throwing at Supes after you run out of ammo to make him duck. I loved it when George Reeves would do that.

Don’t turn this cereal box over, or you’ll see Superman’s Dangle-Dandies. That’s all I have to say about that.

And there you have it! Actually, if you keep an eye on our Facebook page you’ll see a few more pics in the near future. And, we actually acquired a new piece for our collection, which we’ll be featuring soon. Back to normal tomorrow!

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4 Responses to “Metropolis 2010, Pt. 2 – Toy Weirdness”

  1. Melissa Gilbert sure enjoys corn flakes

  2. The Heroes accessories doll (I’m not going to call it an Action Figure) was an attempt in the early 70’s to keep the Captain Action line alive (A knock off of CA if you will), There is a Captain Action Figure in the same Packaging like the one you have with the same Accessories, If you notice the gloves that come with the doll they remind you of the MEGO line, IMO, This is where MEGO started with their 8″ Superhero line from, These cheap figures, The Captain Action one from this line looks Ridiculous wearing a MEGO style Batman Cape, You should look for the CA one of these Pathetic Dolls.

  3. rob! says:

    That Superman With Gun doll is completely, totally awesome. I wonder if they made a Batman one, too? Oh, the irony!

  4. akasarahsmom says:

    Maybe Batman’s gun would come with Kryptonite bullets…. ;)