Last Train to Wrongsville, Pt 2

It’s not often that we see a rare prototype of something never produced. And to find something related to this never released 1972 Jerry Lewis project at all is amazing. If you haven’t heard of this film, I’m not surprised, take a look at this site for almost all the info that exists on it. I can’t imagine that anyone would want to prance around as Helmut Doork for Halloween, but this costume would have given those rare few who did the chance to do so. FYI, harmonica not included.

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3 Responses to “Last Train to Wrongsville, Pt 2”

  1. rob! says:

    You’re asking to get the old laxative-in-the-chocolate gag if you dressed up in that costume…

  2. Skott the Skeptic says:

    the real tragedy in this unreleased gem was the loss of a marketing goldmine. this film could have made back its budget in licensing alone: Shrink Dinks (works best with a gas oven), Cheasy bake ovens (whooooo wants Kosher Kid Kookies?) Lyin’ L Train sets, Bicycle Helmuts, a Bozo style show called Helmut’s Haus where the kids could arrive and leave the studio set by train……
    The film could still be released and the products made but they’d just be claimed by hot topics and bought by wbiny emo b*****s in the name of irony. Just imagine the soundtrack….

  3. Skott the Skeptic says:

    now that i think about it, do you think he sang “you’ll never walk alone” as he lead the kids into……
    Final cut on the soundtrack.