Sticky Vinyl Panties

Yes, that title was meant to grab your attention in a naughty way, and believe me, we’re ashamed to have done it. Regardless, this ClingyForms playset does indeed feature plastic panties, sorority girls, disapproving authority figures and other college party fare that stick to the included background scene. As the story goes, ClingyForms didn’t get the license for Animal House, so they settled for this (IMHO) underrated late 70’s sexploitation gem. Just so you know, this set does not include stickers of Danny Bonaduce’s character. Sorry, Danny.

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5 Responses to “Sticky Vinyl Panties”

  1. Skott the Skeptic says:

    That play set is actually double sided. The back of it is a football field background so you can relive the strip football game by removing the vinyl clings, one layer at a time. “She scores, but the viewers win!”

  2. Trescott says:

    Beyond awesome! No Bonaduce? Fine. The lack of a gangster dressed as a robot, however, is unforgivable.

  3. rob! says:

    I’m not sure whether she was in H.O.T.S. or not, but I would have bought any toys of Cheryl “Rainbeaux” Smith.

  4. meatball says:

    Hey Rob! Rainbeaux wasn’t in H.O.T.S., but keep an eye out, there may be something of interest in the near future. :)

  5. rob! says:

    If you make any “Erotic Adventures of Cinderella” products I will weep with joy.