Do You have to Wear the Uniform?

I can remember seeing these ads in the backs of comic books and being lured by all those cool prizes (I always wanted a Luger!), but something just didn’t seem right about it. A few history classes later it all made sense. Do you think all those unsold issues of this rag were burned? Is that irony? This page, ripped from a 1959 issue of Archie Comics, was being used as bookmark in the M-N volume of a World Scope Encyclopedia at our intern’s grandma’s house.

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3 Responses to “Do You have to Wear the Uniform?”

  1. I find it ironic that the boy in the picture has black hair :-)

  2. meatball says:

    Whatever do you mean? If you’ll examine the image closely you’ll see the cartoon style boy’s hair is indeed blonde, and in no way is that because the image was re-edited and re-uploaded. No, sir.