Monopoly Money?

We all know Microsoft has a proverbial license to print money, but this product is a bit obvious. I don’t mean to take a jab at Bill Gates’ creativity.. Maybe he just had these printed up as giveaways for his minions.. uh.. I mean fans. I’m sure he sent a case to Steve Jobs either way. Thanks to Flora’s Gifts in Green River, UT for this stash of cash.

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3 Responses to “Monopoly Money?”

  1. Skott the skeptic says:

    If you want a real $1000 bill, you can just fish one out of the sewers of Medina, WA……if you don’t mind cleaning Mr. Gates fecal matter off of it.

  2. Probably legal tender in…you know where :-)

  3. Jon says:

    I read once that if Bill Gates took the time to bend down and pick up a $100 bill he would actually be losing money due to lack of productivity compared to how much he makes in the average second. Yeesh!