You KNOW you want this.

That’s right. Don’t deny it. You’d sell your little sister to science AND do the Electric Boogaloo for the rest of your life for this bad boy. Is there a more radical, awesome, iconic relic that encapsulates the entire decade of the eighties better? I think not. This blindingly tinted breakdancin’ pinball piece of paradise is on loan from Renob’s Antiques in Black Rock, NM.

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2 Responses to “You KNOW you want this.”

  1. Skott the Skeptic says:

    I remember this, it was made by the same company that made Hitler: the Pinball machine! It was impossible to beat cuz it only had one ball. I still like it better than the eunuch machine. What a 25 cent rip off that was.

  2. Oh wow, you had that too? I thought I was the only person that got ripped off by that eunuch machine!