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You’re Asking For it, Little Mister!

Friday, July 9th, 2010

It’s a terrible paradox: kids love to make noise, while adults find it unbearably annoying to the point of pulling out one’s own hair. This Little Goldie Book teaches kids about understanding when mommy and daddy have had it “up to here” and just need to sit down with a martini and relax. Childhood sure can be confusing! Found at Addy’s Pawn in Lockwood, MT.

Seaweed, draw weed!

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Microbiology was never so much fun as using plastic gears to create nifty algae-like patterns. You could use the included book for ideas, or create new and unique strains! Who knows, this may have inspired scientists to create algae-based food supplements, but remember kids, Soylent Green is people! This near-complete set is on loan from a private collector in Orange, NH.

Sean Connery’s Packin’!

Monday, July 5th, 2010

These movie cards should have been packaged with cheese rather than bubble gum. This underexposed outing featuring an over exposed Sean Connery (could anyone really be paid enough to wear that outfit?) had little more marketing than these wax packs, but the image of our beloved James Bond in those thigh-high stripper boots and bright red oyster-hammock is burned into our minds forever. Discovered at the Buy-Rite Pharmacy in Sisters, OR.

Wanderful, Wanderful!

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

Pop! Shhhhhhh! The beginning of nearly every episode of this polka-packed series began with the simulated sound of a champaign bottle opening, and a TV-screen full of bubbles. They obviously felt kids would want to re-create this effect in their own homes, hence this product. Perhaps some young musicians-to-be were inspired by it, who knows? I can just imagine kids pretending to be the Lennon Sisters at this moment! Shouldn’t they have included a band conductor’s wand as well as the bubble wand? This sentimental, soapy collectible comes courtesy of a private collector in Winnemucca, NV.  A one, and a two, and a..